Dog Walking


This service is normally used by customers that are out during the working day. 

It enables them to come home after work knowing that their dog has had the daily exercise every dog needs to be well balanced both physically and mentally.  

We usually exercise the dogs as a small group but can also do individual walks.  The group walks are a great way to teach your dog social skills and they love exploring together.  We find some dogs that may not have had the best recall sometimes actually improve as they follow the group and in turn seem more responsive when out with their owners.

We walk a couple of dogs owned by elderly or disabled owners who can not walk their dog themselves but again understand that the dog needs its regular exercise.  Having a dog walker is the perfect solution.  It makes living with their dog a lot more enjoyable as the dogs energy is burned off on their walk therefore making them calmer in the home.  This additionally offers peace of mind for the dog owners family knowing that there is a regular visitor to their relative.

This service is good if you have a long day out as you know your dog has been given the exercise and attention it needs. 

We can feed your dog and refresh its water when we are there if needed.

We can provide either a regular or irregular dog walking service.


The Group walks are roughly 40 minutes and the individual walks 25 minutes.

Doggy Day Care

Your Dog spends the whole day with us having dog walks and activities as well as chill out time depending on your Dogs energy levels.  We have quiet areas for younger or old dogs too so we can cater for all your Dogs Day Care needs.  We offer a pick up and drop off service where possible dependant on time and location.  Please ask for details for this service.  We are fully licenced with AVDC and are insured with Cliverton Insurance. 


Home Boarding

Your Dog stays with us in our home and treated like one of our own Dogs.  There are no kennels and the Dogs have a Fab time with the other dogs whilst you are away.  Its like their very own activity holiday for those energetic Dogs or a laid back chilled holiday for those less active ones.  We can only take Dog sociable Dogs and do a free trial night to ensure that your Dog is suitable for this service. 

Puppy/Eldery/Sick Animal Home Visits

This is an ideal way for those who want to have a new dog or puppy but don't feel they can because they work.

We can visit them once or twice a day to feed, water, let out into your garden and generally fuss your new addition.

This aids the house training process and means that they are receiving the attention they need thus taking away the guilt from leaving them.   

We feel that owning a dog is a very rewarding and privileged experience for you and your family and this enables professional people to take on a puppy.

This is also a great service for those dogs that are elderly or ill so don't necessarily need a walk but just attention during the day.

Wash, brush and dry.

We can bath and do a basic brush and dry from £20. Nails can also be clipped.