Spending my childhood with mainly Irish Wolfhounds (With a Basset Hound, Poodle and various Yorkies also in the family) I have had a love of animals for as long as I can remember.   We also had ducks, hamsters, rabbits, fish and a tortoise to name but a few other family members........

Therefore the chances of me eventually wanting to work with animals, especially dogs, was almost  guaranteed. 


My first 'Proper' job with animals was at Longford Childrens Farm, Great Gaddesden, where there was every imaginable farm and domestic animal from Chickens, Ferrets, Owls, Sheep and everything in between.  I adored this job but after being there for a few years I felt that I wanted to work with dogs.  The experience I gained from working at the childrens farm meant that I am able to deal with most types of farm and domestic animals. 

My next job was at a busy boarding and show kennels which was the start of my career with dogs and I have never looked back.


I was always very lucky that I was able to take my dogs to work with me so not really have the worry of them being on their own for long periods of time whilst working etc.

This is why I decided to start Buddies Pet Services in February 2006 after feeling that I could offer a reliable, flexible and trusted service to fellow Pet owners that needed help with the day to day care of their animals. 


Over the last few years I have built up a fantastic customer base and feel that they are more like friends than clients, that's the owners as well as their pets.......


JJ has been raised with many different breeds of dogs and therefore has a natural rapport with them and understands their needs and behaviour.


Having JJ on board also means that we offer a guarenteed service meaning that you dont have the worry of who is going to care for your animals if we take a holiday etc.